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Everybody told us
it’s impossible.

Yet, we are blamed for creating
one of the most exclusive
longboards worldwide.

We believe in carbon fiber.

We listen to your dreams.
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Longboard Apeman Boards Mordor

Downhill (Mordor)

Many have been stunned by its featherlike weight. APEMAN MORDOR is constructed from carbon fiber for unique torsion stiffness and the APECORE foam core is made of materials used exclusively in aerospace industry. When it comes to functional design, the most significant feature is so called 3D concave, which enhances riders’ stability resulting in better maneuverability and safety of the rider at the most ridiculous speeds.

Technical specifications:

Length : 38.5” - 98 cm

Width : 10” - 25.5 cm

Wheelbase (Inner Hole) : 29.72” - 75.5 cm

Weight : 2.16 lbs - 0.98 kg

Longboard Apeman Boards CityWave

Carver (CityWave)

Be seduced by the delightful feel while riding the town on this board. APEMAN CITYWAVE is constructed from carbon fiber and APECORE foam core, reinforced by maple plies and fiberglass sheets. The functional design is focused on a casual, relaxed ride, reducing the vibrations and providing the stability needed especially by beginning riders.

Technical specifications:

Length : 40.16” - 102 cm

Width : 8,66” - 22 cm

Wheelbase (Inner Hole) : 30.3” - 77 cm

Weight : 2.65 lbs - 1.2 kg

Longboard Apeman Boards Macaque

Dancer (Macaque)

Riders feel the pure fun, dancing groove and steezy slides riding this board. APEMAN MACAQUE is constructed from bamboo and precisely selected kinds of wood. Exposed parts of the deck are reinforced with fiberglass and carbon providing that final product is resistant to impact damage. The functional design arises from the idea that even on longboards it is possible to do skateboard-like tricks and moves, while maintaining the option to dance on the board while riding.

Technical specifications:

Length : 43.3” - 110 cm

Width : 9.8” - 25 cm

Wheelbase (Inner Hole) : 30.7” - 78 cm

Weight : 4,63 lbs - 2.1 kg

Backstage Time Lapse Movie

We've done for you a short backstage time lapse movie showing up a part of studio shooting of our new model FROSTBITE. Special thanx goes to buddies from We Outspoken band. You can check also czech fans site!

Backstage Time Lapse Movie

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